Unleashing Your Potential: How To Find Self-Worth for Lasting Growth

Have you reached a point in your life where the “status quo” just doesn’t cut it anymore? Maybe your dreams have begun to extend far beyond the borders of your current reality, and you have a dull ache in your bones that is pushing you to reach for “more.” You feel divinely discontent, and taking action is hard. It’s as if something is stopping you from “going for it.” In a study conducted by thePew Research Center, 60% of U.S. adults said they felt too busy to enjoy life, and are unsatisfied with their current life situation. Many people are choosing to stay “stuck.” And that choice is very likely linked to a lack of self-worth – because, at the end of the day, if you don’t believe you are worthy of big dreams, you’ll never claim it, or experience it. Which means….if you want to grow in BIG WAYS, you need to address self-worth, first.

Here’s how to find self-worth and develop lasting growth – sustained success.

Understanding Divine Discontent and How to Find Self-Worth

Divine discontent can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation. It’s a deep longing for something “more”….and it invites us to let go of the limitations of status quo in order to pursue a more aligned existence. Here’s the thing, if self-worth is low….divine discontent can never fulfill its “purpose” – and that purpose is to nudge you into ACTION.

Okay, so what IS “self-worth?” And how can you recognize if it’s “high” or “low?” Self-worth forms the foundation of our beliefs, actions, possibilities, and choices – and it’s core, it’s an inherent belief in our own value and what we allow. With a strong sense of self-worth, we recognize that we have a seat at the table, which contains everything we desire, empowering us to pursue our dreams and overcome challenges. Without it, we may settle for less or be hindered by limiting beliefs

Yep – a lack of belief in our own worthiness hinders the attainment of our dreams & goals….which ultimately prevents us from experiencing true fulfillment. Why? When we don’t see ourselves as deserving of “great things”  we inadvertently sabotage our progress and settle for less than we desire. Our self-perception greatly impacts our ability to receive and enjoy what we long for – and if we view ourselves as “unworthy,” we create internal resistance that repels the very things we seek. In the end? This self-fulfilling cycle leads to disappointment and unfulfilled aspirations.

Identity: The Key to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs And Finding Self Worth

OK, so how do you start overcoming these limiting beliefs and self-imposed barrier that lead to low self-worth? By choosing your identity – the who you show up as.. Good news! – you have the power to redefine yourself! And through self-reflection and awareness , you can challenge old beliefs and adopt a more empowering identity. Your identity is not fixed. And as you align your identity with your goals and desires, you will become more resilient and capable of achieving them.

In fact, the identity you have NOW, is smaller than the identity you need to embody in order to get where you want to go – and that expansion can only happen from a place of high self-worth.


Let’s take a look at how identity plays a role in taking action towards your dreams:






First, INFORMATION comes to us (whether we see/hear/experience it). From there, we INTERPRET that information, and make meaning out of it….based on our IDENTITY. And it’s from that place that we set our INTENTION and INITIATE action (or inaction).

In order to shift the choices of intention, and initiation….it’s necessary to change how you perceive your identity – in fact, your IDENTITY is the only thing you control. And it’s the key to overcoming limitations and barriers to success.

Wait….does that mean changing your personality, and becoming a “new person?” Not exactly.

“Self-sabotage is a detour, not your destination. You hold the power to reroute towards success.”

– Carri Richard

How to find self-worth in five steps

Who Do I Need To Be, In Order To Achieve My Goals?

Storytime! When I first started working in High Tech in the early 90s, I was running the front office at a local startup. It was all spreadsheets, procurement, finances, and payroll – and I knew I didn’t want to be in that position for very long. In fact, I was and wanted to be a computer geek. And so, I went to lunch with the Founder of the company.

Now, you have to understand that in college, I studied business with a focus on international relations. I loved computers (growing up in Silicon Valley in the 80s)….but I didn’t have the degree.  And so, when I told the Founder that I wanted to run all his computers (at an engineering company), he was a bit surprised. But by God’s grace, he gave me the opportunity…..and that’s how I began my career

Did I need to change who I was in order to land that position? No. But I needed to expand my identity, and trust that I could BECOME who I needed to be, in order to live in that bigger place. And that belief stemmed from developing a solid sense of my identity. I went to lunch AS the person who would be running their computer network.


Working From The Inside Out

Learning how to find self worth by working from the inside out

Learning how to find self worth isn’t an “easy”, “one-and-done” task….and it IS always possible, and imperative to work from the inside out, when doing so. For most people, it’s tempting to look OUTSIDE themselves to make a change – they get a divorce, quit their job, or move to a new city. And while many of these things can provide relief….they are often just “window dressing,” or a “bait-and-switch”. Unless the root cause of the discontent is addressed, and their core IDENTITY is shifted….the same “problems” will keep coming back. In fact, divine discontent will likely only get LOUDER and more painful

Sustained success is only achieved by empowering yourself with a strong sense of self-worth, and by choosing/declaring/deciding/committing to a NEW identity. An identity that allows you to grow, expand, and embody the BEST version of yourself.

Are you ready to navigate past these blocks and step into your worth? Let’s embark on this journey together. I invite you to book a Complimentary Clarity Call with me.

Much love,