I just had a fabulous conversation with a dear friend and I enjoyed the idea of getting to see this beautiful woman so clearly… because she was being so honest and wide-open.

An image came to me from my past.  I am a child of the 70s and I remember with fascination the first generic brands at the grocery store.  I was introduced to them by a funny new 6-pack I saw in the fridge that simply said “Beer”.  Well can’t mistake what that is.

Simple. To the point. Clear.

It stuck with me I see this morning.  So what triggered it today?  The refreshing beautiful gift in getting to see another just like this.  To watch another be simply them

Without fear. Without defense. Without window-dressing.

My mentor calls this “bottom-lining it”.  When I get into explanation, complication, defensiveness I hear a gentle voice…  “Bottom-line it Carri”.

And so I practice.  I take a deep breath. I pause and I ask myself what is it, what is the core, what is the message?  And then I can really see what is going on and not be caught up in the ‘noise’ or my desire to say it just right.  It is a practice in showing up.  And it creates space for amazing relationship.

So today if I were put on a shelf and needed a simple title, description of what was contained within I’d say:

Curious, willing, child of God

I choose to show up that way today and see how it unfolds.

What would your ‘packaging’ look like? – I’d love to hear below!!!

To your well-being!

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