Welcome to Friday talks. I’m super excited to begin this regular post. I’m learning more and more that when I choose consistent opportunities I learn and grow.

I am passionate about learning how to Enjoy the Ride and make a contribution doing so and I’m excited to share what I’m learning and what comes from experience.

I’ll only share what I’ve put into work in my own life.

Knowledge is useless without application.

So without further ado – let’s talk about making decisions. And are you really making them?

What I’m learning is that:

  1. I can ‘put off’ decisions and when I do this they pile up and my ability to decide continues to decline.
  2. There is relief in making a decision
  3. There is room to grow when I decide and take the first next step
  4. Waiting for the ‘strip map’ or what it will look like is futile. I am not given all the steps at once. I get them as I decide and get moving.
  5. It’s much more fun to decide and learn than to not-decide and be stuck!

Please share in the comments what you are learning!

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