Your alarm rings. You wake up. Still tired.

First thing? You check your phone. And right away, you see an endless stream of emails….texts…..and social media posts.  
Phone in hand, you go to the bathroom. Then you eat your breakfast while bolting out the door. 
When you make it to work, you scarf down your lunch between meetings. And spend the entire day being pulled in 100 different directions.
You head home….but work follows you there. Little fires keep springing up. And you end up sending more emails while trying to watch Netflix and talk to your family.
It takes you FOREVER to fall asleep.
And then BOOM.
Your alarm rings.
And the cycle repeats itself. 

The Toxicity of Hustle Culture

Sound familiar? This toxic cycle is called “hustle culture” – and it’s a social standard that is pushing many of us to a state of BURNOUT.
According to hustle culture norms, the goal is to work: harder, faster, and stronger. Every. Single. Day. 
You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when you’re done (and allow me to spoil the ending – “done” never arrives).

Through all this, you are told to embrace the idea that you absolutely LOVE what you do, no matter how painful it is. I mean….how could you NOT be grateful for all the things your “hard work” has given you?!? Right??

Hustle culture creates the assumption that the only value we have as human beings, is our productivity. It begins to define who we are. And it can skew what is most important to us. 

In addition, hustle culture puts the body into a continual state of “fight or flight.” The stress hormone, cortisol, pumps through your body for prolonged periods – which can harm your physical and mental well-being, often resulting in anxiety, depression, heart disease, memory impairments, and more.

Research also shows that increased stress levels can lead to a decrease in productivity. In order to produce high-quality work, workers must feel a sense of personal satisfaction and enjoyment in the work they do. 

How to put a STOP to burnout

How do you escape the grip of hustle culture? You STOP:
Slow Down
Take Heart
Open Up

Now, I get it. It feels terrifying to even THINK about stopping. “I’d never be able to catch up if I stopped!”
But the amount of pressure we put on ourselves is unprecedented. The speed at which we go is unprecedented. 
And our need to STOP has never been greater. 

So how do you take the first step?

The first thing I tell ALL my clients to do is set aside the first 60 minutes of the day, as time for themselves. No inputs. Meaning…..No email. No news. No social media. No phone. Only their own agenda.

It’s a dedicated window of time for them to acknowledge that they’re a human on this planet. And that they’re not simply a SLAVE to everyone else’s demands.

It’s a game-changer. And even though I often hear a lot of resistance to the idea, I also see what happens when people do it. And I encourage you to give it a try!

Want to hear about a “real world” example of what it looks like to STOP? Watch this!

The gift of allowing yourself to STOP

There are SO many gifts that appear to you when you (finally!) allow yourself to STOP.

  • A deep sense of peace and calm within your body
  • The ability to work at an even higher level 
  • Realignment with your values
  • Rejuvenation of energy, creativity, and focus
  • Clarity around your goals and your intentions
  • Reconnection with your inner guidance system
  • The ability to manage your emotions (rather than hide from them)
  • A happier, healthier you!

….just to name a few.

The bottom line is….when you find the courage to “put a pin in it,” you will experience some powerful transformations in your life. 

Want some help (and accountability) in making this concept a reality? The New Year is the PERFECT time to do it! – and I can help you!
As a Sustained Success Coach, I am passionate about helping high-performing women find peace, calm, clarity, and fulfillment in their lives.

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