A beautiful soul departed today from this planet.

It was a surprise.

Within less than 24 hours everything changed … and he’s gone.

A shock.

And it has brought up the question

Intellectually I ‘know’ it’s not for me to figure out…there is a greater plan in place …


And yet at the moment, there is no comfort there.

So I ask the best question in my toolbox…

How can I be grateful?

Some may have issue with me asking this question:

  • How Selfish!
  • Why would you be grateful!?
  • Really?!

I’m not here to change your mind.  I am here to ask the question and I do it because me feeling sorry doesn’t do one thing for me to allow this loss to serve in anyway, to continue his legacy.  (grief and self-pity are not the same thing).  So I ask the question.

I can be grateful for this sudden loss as it has awoken in me a new urgency to live fully.  To drop the story and the fear and the bull**** ‘what ifs’, to jettison the fear of rejection, to BE ME and allow others their opinions.  To be of service and get my own ego out of the way.


Don’t Wait.

A gift of perspective.  This is how I live his legacy.  No more small, no more holding back.

Thank you sweet friend.  You continue to be a gift.

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