I had the joyous opportunity to be on a honeymoon.  At 45 years of age I GOT TO get married and then GOT TO spend 10 glorious days with my new husband on the beach in Hawai’i.  Pinch me.

A few days in as we got ready to go down for breakfast I said

“I can’t find my purse”

Tim was kind and helped me go through the room… nothing.  We decided to retrace our steps from the day before to see where I might have left it.  We’d gone for a long meandering walk and as we physically did it again I could say “oh I had it here”, etc.  I spoke with the hotel properties we walked through and gave them the information about it – a small Coach wristlet with ID, insurance cards, credit cards, and cash.  I’d just taken out a large sum from the ATM on that walk.  After filling out the lost & found information, I had done all I could do…and had even had help in doing it.

I turned to Tim and said

my purse is coming back to me. someone is sending it

And I meant it.  I believed it. In that moment, I imagined it.  I gave thanks for the people who would find it and send it to me. I gave thanks that I had a passport in my luggage and could return home on the plane. I have thanks for the husband who had my back and even handed over some cash and said “now you have money in your purse”.  I left it in God’s Hands, and went on with our day.

When it would come up in my mind, I would again exclaim “it’s coming back to me.” I would be thankful, and then would get present.

The honeymoon ended.  Neither hotel had found it.  No problem, no matter “it’s coming back to me.”

As we settled in to our new shared home a week later I was handed the mail by Franz, my son.  There on the top was a letter from the City of Honolulu.  I cheered, I smiled and I opened it.  The purse had been turned into the police department as found property.  All ID, cards, AND $315.94.  Please contact them and they will return it.

And a week after that, there in the mailbox was that purse.

This isn’t a story of coincidence

It is a story of intention, vigilance in attitude and thought, and being willing to receive.  I was blessed to be relaxed enough to be willing to set the intention it would be returned and to hold the space and not give story to anything else.

What stories do you tell that keep you from the very thing you desire?

The universe doesn’t not understand negatives.  It understands what you are emanating, if it’s doubt something will happen …  well you will see evidence of that.  What drum do you want to beat today?

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